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People Centred Design



We're passionate about delivering outstanding user experiences


UX Strategy

UX Strategy

Your UX strategy defines how users engage with your products and services across delivery platforms.

We'll help you create your UX team, incorporating team structure, skills matrix, training requirements, governance, and prioritised program of work.



We uncover the characteristics, motivations, goals of the target audience to discover what successful design looks like.

We do ethnographic research, contextual inquiries, in-depth interviews, focus groups and diary studies. Deliverables include: personas, user journeys and design concepts.



We take business goals, technical considerations and end-user needs into account. We can deliver full designs or work with agile teams.

We facilitate collaboration with co-design workshops, information architecture, wireframes, click-through prototypes.  Deliverables include: paper mockups, prototypes and visual designs.


Testing & Evaluation

We do usability testing and UX evaluation with end-users to validate design decisions and inform design direction.

We do usability testing, benchmark studies, expert reviews, international testing, quantitative studies, eye tracking, remote testing.  Feedback includes: validation and insights, pain points, actionable design and strategic recommendations.


UX Training

We train UX practitioners, IT and marketing professionals to adopt, execute, and lead UX projects.

We will work with you to craft and deliver custom courses to meet your needs.


The experienced user experience team


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Ilana Kaplan

Ilana leads Bayfront UX and is a passionate user experience (UX) professional who has been in the industry for over 20 years.

In July 2015 Ilana started her own consulting company, Bayfront UX, with the goal of working with clients to develop solutions with outstanding user experiences. With new independence, Ilana is looking forward to opportunities to work hands on with client teams to contribute her skills. This includes both tactical and strategic UX activities. 

Ilana has many years of experience in UX designing for the web, for both responsive and mobile. Over the years her clients have ranged from large financial institutions such as BT and Westpac, private companies such as Bookings.com, Flexirent, and Decideware, government organisations such as ASIC and DFAT, ABS, and educational institutions such as TAFE NSW and UNEP, Telcos including Optus and Telstra. 

Ilana’s early experience was with Unisys in California and Australia and with the pioneering Australian user-centred design company, The Hiser Group. More recently, Ilana has been managing UX teams, at Optimal Experience, and then at PwC’s Digital Change, when PwC acquired Optimal Experience in 2014. In her roles she was responsible for managing the team, and all aspects of UX engagements including scoping, approach, execution, and quality management. 

Ilana is skilled across all user centred design activities including strategy, research, design, and testing. She has taught numerous user centred design courses, and holds an MA in Industrial Psychology.

May Chan

May is a user experience and usability designer dedicated to improving people’s interaction with technology. 

Since 2008, May has honed her user centred design skills at leading UX design agencies in Sydney including The Hiser Group, Optimal Experience and PwC’s Digital Change.

She has delivered usability testing, contextual inquiry research, persona creation, conceptual and detailed designs for a wide range of clients and projects. These include ResMed, Macquarie Bank, Sirca, The Australian Bureau of Statistics, ASIC, Australian Taxation Office, and The Family Relationship online.

With Bayfront UX, May looks to continue working with clients to understand their customer/user needs, and designing engaging experiences.


David Zhang

David is a creative and pragmatic designer well versed in improving user and business outcomes.

He has over 10 years experience in designing for web, mobile, and enterprise systems for Government, finance, telecommunications, education, and healthcare.

David is an end-to-end designer with extensive experience in research, creation and validation. He is a seasoned user researcher with over 200+ logged sessions conducting contextual inquiries, interviews, and design evaluations with users.

He has a degree in Human-Computer Interaction from the University of Toronto. He started his career at Microsoft Research Asia before moving into professional services with The Hiser Group and Nuance.


eyes compilation v6.jpg